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Effective Conversations 10 Step Method for Couples Preview of Product [Preview] Building Skills

[Preview] Building Skills

As a BONUS result in effectively completing this course –You will be able to use pieces of this procedure in everyday conversations with everyone in your life … not just your partner.

So you are learning new skills - that eventually after we've learned the skills even if we are unable to sit down to practice with our partner step by step - you will still be able to use these skills with your kids, partner, coworker, boss, mother in law.  And when anyone speaks to you or does anything to you - you'll know how to respond in a way that will help the conversation flow in a direction that is more productive and effective. 

But when we get to the PRACTICE Section of this course and you are practicing with your partner - it is REALLY important to follow the method step by step in the order it is given so that you can get use to the flow and what needs to be built upon before the next step can even occur.  And that will help you to learn WHEN to use each step in your natural flow of conversations with anyone.   


And just like when we learn anything new - we wont be perfect at it and habits don’t change over night.  It takes repeated practice of every skill - over and over to start to transform the old and create the new habits.    


So be completely patient with yourself and with your partner along the way.   

3 Lessons

Preview of Product

This section is a sneak peek into TWO lessons in the course. 

* Building Skills

* Expected Outcomes / Benefits of EC Method

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