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Effective Conversations 10 Step Method for Couples

Effective Conversations 10 Step Method for Couples

Follow this easy and structured system to STOP the arguing, dismissal and feeling frustrated and to START easily resolving reoccurring conflicts and creating intimacy.  This self study eCourse is designed to teach you from top to bottom - a 10 step method to have effective conversations. Finally move your relationship back to more peace, understanding and enjoying each other again. 

What People are Saying:

"Learning the Effective Conversations method really helped us not interrupt each other as much and try and respect what the other person is saying. We also try not to judge before listening to the entire situation."  - Anonymous

"We were arguing a lot - not communicating well.  We lost intimacy and were on the verge of separating. There was a lot of hopelessness. We weren't sure we could make it work. ​Now my husband and I are able to laugh and joke again! We can now smoothly discuss important topics that would often cause us to fight and argue.  This gave us the tools to continue to rebuild trust in our relationship." - Valerie I.

On your own time - in the comfort of your own home you and your partner will learn how to communicate effectively with each other through this online course.

Learn, Play, Practice - Repeat until you've mastered the 10 step method and your conversations with each other. 

​This educational course/program may not be appropriate for couples dealing with addiction, domestic violence, or other serious relationship issues. 

6 Modules

Preview of Product

This section is a sneak peek into TWO lessons in the course. 

* Building Skills

* Expected Outcomes / Benefits of EC Method


Welcome!  Let's start with the groundwork, expected outcomes and benefits of the method!  Learn the different types of listening and how to become an intuitive/active listener.  You'll also learn to become more self-aware and navigate towards more desired responses/reactions.  Understand more about Emotional Intelligence and how it is key to helping you maintain emotional control and flow in your conversations.

Conversation Preparation

Before we start in on learning the steps and having effective conversations - it is ESSENTIAL to understand and even declare out loud all the agreements.  You'll also need to understand what we are building and why!

Effective Conversations® 10 Steps Method

This module will go over Every step in the 10 step method - described in detail with my explanations and tips and tricks along the way.  Practicing and perfecting these steps BEFORE you even get to the practice section of the course - where you will be going step by step with your partner.



You've built the skills, prepped emotions and are now ready to practice.  This module takes you through the rules to get you started, what to do if things go wrong and an example of how to practice the 10 steps - step by step - with your partner. 

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