Couple's 30 Day Transformation Group Program begins July 1st!  *Limited Participation Available*


I'm Sheri, Couple's Communication & Emotional Intelligence Specialist and I'm so thrilled you are here. 

Contrary to what Hollywood would like you to believe... relationships are NOT always easy.  Navigating through not only your own emotions and needs, but also the emotions and needs of your partner - all while trying to balance a home, jobs, kids and other responsibilities can add stress and neglect to your relationship.  So many times the relationship takes the back burner and as one miscommunication leads to another - resentment, disappointment and loneliness can start to build and eventually lead to the break down of your love for each other and even the demise of the entire relationship.  #sadbutrue

That’s why I created the Effective Conversations® 10 Step Method Course. I've used this method with thousands of clients and now you have access to it too.   I want everyone to be able create a loving relationship that will stand the test of time! 

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So please, go explore all the resources you can find here. You are going to love them!

Available Products

Effective Conversations 10 Step Method for Couples

Follow this easy and structured system to STOP the arguing, dismissal and feeling frustrated and to START easily resolving reoccurring conflicts and creating intimacy. 

This self study eCourse is designed to teach you from top to bottom - a 10 step method to have effective conversations.

Finally move your relationship back to more peace, understanding and enjoying each other again. 

30 DAY Relationship Transformation - Remove Stress & Increase Intimacy (for Couples) - Begins July 1st

​This educational course/program is for monogamous couples that are committed to working on themselves and their relationship.   This program may not be appropriate for couples dealing with addiction, domestic violence, mental illness or other serious relationship issues. 

COMING SOON - Shift your Thoughts - Shift your Life


This course will help you to become self aware, emotionally intelligent and give you a proven system for identifying thoughts and belief systems that may not be serving you then fully teach you how to shift each thought through the steps into a higher level of thinking. 

Includes Full ELI Assessment Report ($300 value).

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